Recently I was ‘couch surfing’ at a friend’s house, enjoying the novelty of clicking through the hundreds of channels on the tv, which I have opted out of owning.  Anyway, I was absolutely gobsmacked when I came upon no less than four infomercials airing at the same time with the title “I Hate My…”  Two were about hating one’s Butt, another about hating your Skin and the last reminded you to hate your Hair.  The pitch is, of course, that one must spend a bunch of dough to fix said hateful flaws, and thereby transform the enemy in the mirror into something more acceptable and likeable.

I can’t get around the fact that marketing companies have gone this far, and apparently, with some measure of success, or why would there be multiple programs using the same tactic?  It is an absurd notion that Hate sells, that self loathing is a commodity and that people are literally and figuratively buying into a phenom of negativity, throwing their self esteem and money at these products.
How have we become a culture that so luxuriates in the amplification of our perceived flaws that they begin to define us?  How limiting and unfair to ourselves.  Of course, the obvious antidote is to engender more compassion and self love, to remember that we are divine microcosms with nearly unlimited talent and power.  But, this happens only if we choose to believe it.
According to the wisdom tradition and philosophy of Sri Vidya, we can and should ‘live in the beautiful’.  The world, as represented in our own beings, is painful or unlovable only because we don’t understand or see its true nature.  We have the chance to ‘mine the riches’ of the world by attending to our own unique shakti (power and beauty) and gifts.  To base one’s self perception on culturally insidious views that stem from deficiency, lack and shame is to live a limited and unfulfilled life.  Here are some tips that might help you to break free of that nonsensical, negative paradigm:

  • Get Quiet.  Let the still small voice arise that says “Love you, mean it”.

  • Be Grateful.  Acknowledge your gorgeous gifts in every moment, every breath.

  • Aspire to Inspire.  Work hard to be able to knock your own self out with your fabulousness.

  • Trust! A biggie…the world will support you, even as it offers ‘growth opportunities’.

Hey, it is never too late to love yourself, split ends, cellulite and all.  Here’s to YOU, in love and light.

Lauren ToolinComment