Krishna Nailed It.

Toward the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna counsels the reluctant warrior Arjuna that, because he is embodied in human form, he has no choice but to act, to move about and live his purpose in the world.  The qualifier?  Do it Skillfully.  Good advice. This implies consciously making the proper choices throughout our myriad options each day.

Krishna further states ‘No effort in this world is wasted; even a little bit of effort toward spiritual awareness… sustains and protects you.’  Also good advice…

How then to turn these treasured words into action…which leads me to my Big Message about The Six Percent Solution. With my mighty math skills, I calculated that if one were awake and functioning in the world for sixteen hours per day (which allots one a generous eight hours in bed), only 6% of that time (about one hour) need be dedicated to your yoga/meditation practice.  Committing just six percent of your waking day to feeling healthier, getting to know yourself better, finding more freedom and joy?  Sounds like a great return on investment!

If dedicating six percent of your time to your wholeness, your sanity, your highest and best is challenging, inconvenient and interferes with some of the optional things that enter into your life and seem to swell in importance, all the better.  Hug it out with your schedule, your ‘to do’ list.  Effort is a good thing. It requires that you pay attention and create resolution!   Stop wasting time.  Use it skillfully.  Make the effort. And be happier.

Be a Six Percenter.  Krishna will be pleased.

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