I am asked more than is truly comfortable by students and acquaintances, ‘Can I have your life?’

I am never sure how to respond to that query in casual conversation. The answer really is ‘No, you can’t have my life, but you can create your own luscious, fun, abundant existence. It depends upon how you define a good life and how much you wish to work toward it.’

The reality is that it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to get to a place where you can look around and say, “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about”. Consistency, vision, clarity and determination all play a role, as does a sea change in priorities for many of us on the path to Happy. Letting go of our seemingly innate tendencies toward despair, doubt, fear and attachment are also critical to joyful life design.

Where does one start?

  • Make space for the new to grow by getting quiet. Meditate. If you don’t the clamor of the old will drown out the whispers of the possible.

  • Manage your energy. A daily dose of dedicated breathing time (pranayama) will charge those depleted batteries. Also, eat good food, of course!

  • Love yourself and your life. Blame, shame and self-loathing are steadfast foes of the zeal and confidence you are trying to cultivate.

  • Keep good company. Find your Fan Club and your Teacher(s). Hang around them. Get informed, embraced and polished with these fine folks.

Lauren Toolin