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One of yoga’s primary aims is the cultivation of Self-knowledge as a pathway to increased personal power and freedom. This knowledge must incorporate, and yet transcend, the belief that the body is a mere physical construct. This program offers an experience of the architecture, power, and mysteries of the subtle body and its interplay with the physical. This workshop will invite you to develop an accessible working relationship with the energetic (subtle) body, and transform the theoretical into the experiential.  Perfect for teachers who wish to expand their skillset to incrporate more subtle hatha practices.

With The Architecture of Energy, Lauren has developed a lively, powerful practice platform that combines the techniques of tantric hatha vinyasa, experiential anatomy, and the wisdom of yogic scripture into an integrative, delightful, and fulfilling experience of:

  • Guna: dynamically explore the elemental forces of nature as a means to truly thrive

  • Asana: learn “deconstruction” and “reconstruction” and how to practice with more finesse and less effort

  • Bandha and Chakra: discover how to activate and utilize their powers

  • Pranayama: use the breath as a tool for empowerment and clarity

  • Mudra: weave a new tapestry for the subtle energies and approach ananda kaivalya (blissful liberation)