“It must have been what my soul was seeking that led me to you. What I got out of your teaching was just what I was ready for at the time although I did not know; You knew! You knew exactly what it was…You have this knack of pinpointing exactly what a person needs. My life continues to be a roller coaster but now I feel like I am in the driver’s seat. A new set of eyes has given life a new, more joyful meaning which is de-stressing, fulfilling and at peace when a storm hits. Since my graduation, I did experience tremendous personal spiritual growth. I was able to deal with the death of a Loved One, very recently, with peace and remain a pillar of strength not only for myself but all those around me. I am better able to enjoy parenthood despite its challenges… and be that role model for my kids. It has increased my passion for my job many, many fold and I am able to bring that mind, body, soul consciousness and sensitivity from the mat to my work.

[Lauren]…being a true Guru: gentle but stern when needed, perfect timing of good humour.

…Once that shift of consciousness happens, there is no turning back, there is no other right path; it is so good”
— Preeti

“I learned so much and found so much joy in the whole process; every last second of it was delicious spiritual food for me. Yoga is the greatest gift and joy of my life and I am so deeply grateful to you.”



“Studying with Lauren has helped me to live a more authentic life and has helped me reach a place of spirituality in my life, that I never before knew existed…She opens doors for you and she’s wonderful and I would recommend her teacher training to any yogi!”


“My experience of myself, my relationship to my work, to my practice, and my experience of the world around me have all shifted since training with Lauren Toolin. She is truly masterful in dissecting complex practices and making them accessible so that whether you are navigating a work place transition, or managing physical pain, the teachings will be applicable and will facilitate you having a most authentic experience of yourself and your life…and then you take that authenticity with you as you begin to share the teachings of yoga with others…You’ll have abundant opportunity to maintain your relationship with Lauren and feel supported well beyond the initial scope of your training”


“I recently attended a workshop led by an internationally well known yoga teacher and although the training was wonderful, I have to say that it validated for me, what a top notch Yoga Education I have been receiving from Lauren and continue to receive from her. [Lauren] not only gives you the tools to be a good Yoga teacher but she really gives you the tools to change your life. You probably already have this knowledge inside yourself but she shows you how to access it in a very loving and appropriate way. [Lauren] teaches you that you don’t have to live small and you are meant to live bigger than you ever imagined. This [yoga teacher training] has opened the door for opportunities to arise that I never dreamed I was capable of handling but I am handling them, and handling them well with Lauren’s continued guidance and support… and her beautiful soul! Thank You!”



“Taking Yoga Teacher Training was something that I really wanted to do but what I did not realize was that I would become a completely different person after the process… not only do you learn how to share the wonderful joys of yoga with people, but you learn how to use those same things for yourself…with that, it allowed me to be a better Mother, a better wife, and be more successful in going back to the work place after I stayed home with my daughter… I use the tools every single day to get through challenges from cranky children to cranky bosses or cranky Me…so if you are looking for a way to learn more about Yoga, to learn more about being the person you are meant to be… then the yoga teacher training with Lauren Toolin is exactly what you should look into.”

-Jenn V

“I took Lauren Toolin’s teacher training because I wanted to deepen my own yoga practice. I did not expect that I would teach others, but instead used it as a learning opportunity for myself. I had worked with Lauren in her own studio for several years and I saw the depth of her skills, her knowledge of the classics, her knowledge of the body, her ability to understand where a person is in a pose and help them deepen the pose…but most of all, what impressed me was her mind body connection and spirit connection; all of them integrated in a way that I knew yoga had brought her… and I knew that her personal practice was strong… so by taking her teacher training, I have been able to integrate yoga into my own daily life and have had some recent occasions where relying on the practice has made a tremendous dif ference in facing certain challenges in life… and I would think you would find that too… whether you decided to teach or not…you certainly can get good teacher training from a lot of people but with Lauren you are going to get that much more…plus she is really funny and you laugh a lot! Try it!”


“I am still working full time and am now teaching yoga 2 evenings a week and I am loving it! The Cont. Ed. program is a large class of 30 and I was a bit anxious to take this on, but I had lots of encouragement to go for it and I am so glad I did. It is a wonderful group of mostly women who are beginner yogis. It is so powerful to watch the transformation during class and what this first taste of yoga has given to them. This is what I wanted to be able to do and to actually do it has been an amazing journey…….with many thanks to you!”


“Everything that we’ve learned has been tying together in my life and it just keeps on making more sense as time goes on. I really thank you for leading us through this part of the journey. I woke up today feeling like that peace that I have been missing since my car accident 18 years ago is finally being let free on a much deeper level than I had found before. I am so grateful to you for showing me the path I needed to find it again. I had no idea signing up for this training would shine such a bright light in my heart and in my life. Thank you.”


“Busy, busy, busy, but so, so grateful to be able to teach and share yoga. It’s like a gift to myself everyday. Thank you for giving me such a solid personal, spiritual, business and yoga foundation from which to build and ‘become.’ I, literally, wouldn’t be what I’m doing right now if I hadn’t met you and had the privilege of studying with you.”


“Thank you for an amazing program. Your teaching style really resonates with me and your delivery works extremely well for how I learn. It was an honor to learn from you and I hope to have the experience again soon.”


“I have to say not a day goes by that you don’t affect my life in some way! You have been such a blessing and inspiration! I just want to say thank you to you for of the heart and soul you have given to me over the last several months. There is truly no way that I could explain to you how you have touched my heart and my life. I was at a crossroads when I started the Training and I am so elated about the path I am currently following. You have given me an inspiration and brightness that I will carry in me forever. I thank you for our past and am very much looking forward to our future!”