Indu Arora at Heartspace Yoga, Albany NY 
June 7-9, 2019 

This is a special opportunity to study with a true Yoga Master! Join us for an immersion exploring Mudra, Marma and Savasana. Deepen your understanding and re-calibrate the language of body, mind and breath. 

Friday, June 7th 5-8pm

Mudra Vigyan: Introduction to Hand Mudras 

Mudra science has been kept a sacred secret for ages. Explore subtle ways of healing and integrating these tools to clear pranic pathways, trigger innate intelligence and allow one to be established in Self.  Study the origins and therapeutic applications of Hand Mudras, and their relationship to Ayurveda for better health.  Indu is the author of one of the most comprehensive and authoritative texts on Hand Mudras in existence.  She will enlighten us on the following topics:

  • What Mudras are and how to use them

  • Psychology and Neurology of Mudras

  • Gyana Mudra and Sankhya Darshan

  • Mudras for balancing dosha and agni (digestive fire)

Saturday, June 8th 9am-5pm

Marma Vigyan: The Wisdom of Marma Points in Yoga 

Marma points are ‘mini minds’. They calibrate the flow of dosha and guna in the body and mind. In this day long immersion, learn to integrate Marma Points in asana practice. Forge a deeper understanding of the body’s sacred anatomy and geometry for yourself and your students.  Indu will cover:

  • Basics of marmani (marma points):  definition, nature and location

  • Knowledge of the energetic map of the body: doshas (constitution), gunas (psychological tendency) and vayus (movement of prana)

  • Discussion  marmani and prana flow in asana

  • How to adapt asana using marma scicence to balance agni and circulate prana for efficient energy management! 

Sunday, June 9th 9am-5pm

Savasana: The Vast Ocean of Rest 

Ayurveda rests on three pillars of health: diet, moderation of sensual pleasures and sleep (as deep rest).  Modern times thwart our ability to consistently be supported by these pillars.  This day long immersion will explore savasana 1.) as a practice of pratyahara, 2.) to retain ojas (vital energy) , and 3.) to re-direct prana. It is a precise, conscious and step-by-step methodology that can prepare the body and mind for higher states of awareness. We’ll learn:

  • What savasana truly is and why it matters

  • How to breathe during savasana 

  • The neuroscience of savasana

  • Three different savasana techniques

  • Savasana as a preparation for Yoga Nidra


RYT‘s through YA eligible for CEUs through this course 

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Policies for ALL Students:
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• “No shows” will receive no credit and forfeit full payment
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