Interior Design Yoga Therapy

Yoga boosts metabolism, tones and purifies the body, improves breathing, builds strength and stamina, and soothes and calms the mind. While many come to yoga initially as a fitness vehicle, the practice evolves into something so much richer and more profound. Ayurveda is a millennia old, proven wellness and lifestyle system.  When we combine these modalities, the body and mind are revered and taken care of, and it is easier to command one’s own life, happiness and health.

As a nationally certified Yoga Therapist, Lauren has guided hundreds on their journey toward healthier and more fulfilling lives and has helped people with everything from surgery and injury rehabilitation to obesity, anxiety and panic disorders.  She is known for her ability to help people educate themselves and foster commitment, motivation and habit shift through her Interior Design private yoga programs.

Lauren’s work makes a huge impact on her client’s lives.  Value yourself and say yes to your health, your vision and your life

Interior Design Yoga Therapy can help you with:

  • Custom home yoga practice design for fitness, wellness, weight loss or your own goals.

  • Advanced Hatha yoga practices

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Lifestyle design

  • Yoga and Ayurveda based strategies for specific conditions like sleep quality, diet and weight management, anxiety and depression and common stress based conditions.

  • Structural assessment and sports related routines

Single Session: $108

Interior Design Package (Four 60-75 minute sessions):  $400

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