Teacher Training Faculty

Lauren Jay Toolin, E-RYT
Founder and Director

Lauren is a ParaYoga Master Teacher, one of the first to have been granted this title by ParaYoga founder, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. This achievement is the culmination of decades of study, practice and teaching, and a five-year apprenticeship in the ParaYoga tradition, one of the most broad reaching and fastest growing Yoga traditions in the country. She also apprenticed with and was a lead assistant teacher to Rodney Yee for many years.

In her teaching, Lauren draws from her in-depth knowledge of Classical Yoga, Kundalini science and Tantra, and her students are guided through an experience of Yoga in its most sublime, lively and profound manifestation. Always insightful, inspirational, and infused with humor, Lauren’s teaching conveys her passionate belief in Yoga’s boundless potential for creating a healthy, successful and loving existence.

She has contributed to several national yoga publications and conceptualized and associate produced “The Practical Power of Yoga” a nationally-broadcast PBS special. Lauren teaches public classes and leads teacher trainings throughout the Northeast, and offers workshops and retreats nationwide and in Belize and Puerto Rico.



Meghan Hogan, E-RYT  
Teaching Assistant

Meghan Hogan is Lead Faculty of the 200 program, acting as a Teaching Assistant. Meghan completed Lauren Toolin’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program in 2011. She has since completed an additional 300+ hours of formal study with Lauren, with an ongoing focus in the area of yoga therapeutics. Meghan has served as Teaching Assistant for Yoga Vidya’s renowned 200 hour teacher training program since 2014. Her students are empowered through practice and compassionate individualized guidance to access and use the tools they innately possess to manage stress and chronic pain, breathe fully, rest deeply, and develop habits that support a joyful experience of Self. Meghan identifies living an inspired life grounded in personal practice as a potent teaching modality. She offers public classes, private sessions, workshops and teacher training.

Preeti Bavdekar, E-RYT  
Anatomy Maven

Preeti, means “Love” in Sanskrit, the language of yoga.

Glimpses into the place within herself of THAT unconditional love has inspired Preeti to share the knowledge she has acquired with anyone who is open to receive the teachings of yoga. In retrospect, she believes that she chanced upon Senior Para Yoga teacher, Lauren Jay Toolin’s 200 hr. teacher training program only by Divine coincidence. Starting out teaching 3 friends, whom she is forever indebted to for giving her this opportunity, Preeti has since been teaching at the Albany Hindu temple, NY and Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts studio in Troy, NY.

Preeti was honored and humbled when her teacher Lauren invited her to become a part of her Yoga Vidya Teacher Training Faculty to teach Anatomy for yoga teachers after her graduation in 2012. Preeti brings her solid foundation in Anatomy from being a 1996 graduate of a Master of Science program in Physical Therapy from Mumbai University in India with an elective in Neurology.

Preeti believes her greatest teaching and an invitation to the path of yoga came from dealing with the sickness of her daughter and questioning the root cause of disease. Finding her passion in pediatric physical therapy when working with children with special needs, Preeti was introduced to the world of energy medicine through craniosacral therapy by the Upledger Institute and pediatric myofascial release by John Barnes. She realized that holistic care brought about by the integration of the knowledge of our own body, mind and spirit is the only complete answer to a deeper healing and lasting wellness.

An avid reader, Preeti also enjoys canvas oil painting, music, photography and traveling.


Martha Moscowitz, RYT-200
Guest Faculty

Martha Kronholm Moscowitz, RYT-200, has been teaching yoga since 2011 in New York's Capital District.  She began her inquiries in Western Massachusetts as a teenager with Kripalu trained instructors.  She then practiced more active, strong flow types of asana, and was eventually certified as a yoga instructor in Woodstock, NY, by teachers Debi Medeski and Alison Sinatra in 2011.  She studies now, since 2017, with Lauren Toolin, an advanced master teacher and initiate of the Tantric lineage of Swami Rama.  She is inspired by Lauren's teachings and plans to continue her inquires and teaching style in this line; she also serves as a teaching assistant for Lauren's annual Wednesday 200-hour teacher training program.  Martha has a love of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and faith in the power of kaya sampat, the rich treasures of the body, as a means to higher realization.  She incorporates pranayama, meditation, and visualization in her asana classes.