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Yoga Therapy

Oct 26-27, Nov 9-10, Nov 23, December 6-8 (Retreat Weekend):  Yoga is the ultimate self-care and healing modality. Its origins go back millennia and have been enhanced, codified and improved upon to be extremely effective as a modern day wellness resource. This part of the program  examines the origins and modern day applications of yoga therapy. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology, the energetic body, types of therapy, Ayurveda, structural and experiential anatomy, the Panchamaya Kosha model, prana’s role in health, client observation, diagnosis and prescription, and much more. We will also explore Yoga’s role in one’s emotional and spiritual health. Pre-requisites are completion of a 200 hour program or the equivalent, and completion of all other modules in the Yoga Vidya Advanced Training. 

Earlier Event: October 5
Advanced Teaching