This program is for graduates of an approved 200-hour training who wish to more deeply and fully incorporate yogic tools and techniques into their lives and teaching.   All modules except the Yoga Therapeutics module are open to advancing practitioners as stand alone trainings and immersions. Classes are held at either Heartspace Albany or Troy.

  • Foster your growth, well being and teaching capacity through rigorous (but fun!) study of classical hatha, ayurveda, ParaYoga, tantra and yoga therapy.

  • Reweave and expand upon your existing knowledge and experience of hatha yoga, bhakti practices, yoga philosophy and personal practice.

  • Become more capable of both living and transmitting the teachings that truly transform.

  • Cultivate sangha, supportive community that shares your enthusiasm and world view!

  • This program is designed to train you to work with groups or individuals therapeutically and address the whole human: physical, energetic, emotional & spiritual

Our next training runs from March – December 2019.  

Schedule is usually Saturdays and Sundays from 9-5:30. 

There are a few Friday night sessions that run from 5:30-8:30 pm (see below).  There will also be a tele-seminar once or twice per month, dates and times to be posted.

Dates for the course:  March 15-17 • April 5-7 • May 18-19 • June 7-9 • June 21-23 •August 17-18 • September 6-8 • October 5-6 • Oct 26-27 • November 9-10 • November 23 • December 6-8 (retreat weekend at the Himalayan Institute)

Several of our Modules qualify for Continuing Education Credits for those registered as RYTs with the Yoga Alliance. Please inquire for pricing on individual modules. See our Continuing Education Trainings Here.

I can’t thank you enough for the positive changes that have begun to come about in my life and for the awareness I have gained through your teaching and guidance.
— Hannah


TANTRA SHAKTI,  a ParaYoga® Master Training:   (March 15-17, April 5-7)    Demystify Tantra and expand your world! Discover how hatha yoga is rooted in the esoteric and exotic comprehensive world of Tantra, and take your practice, and life, to the next level. Explore key concepts, philosophy and practices, including the pivotal roles of Prana, Shakti and Kundalini. Activate and utilize your life force to gain mastery over your world.  In addition to studying the Tantric world view and philosophy, you’ll explore the theory and application of advanced hatha practices such as bandha, mudra, kriya, pranayama and powerful meditations.

SVA SADHANA Advanced Practice, Embodied Wisdom: (May 18-19) Includes The Four Desires module, although The Four Desires can be taken as a stand-alone. Take your practice to new heights and greater depth!   Create a life informed by and infused with Yoga and Vedanta as a comprehensive wellness and happiness modality! Explore advanced philosophy, pranayama and meditation, asana and Tantric hatha practices.

THE FOUR DESIRES, A ParaYoga® Master Training: (June 21-23) With additional webinars. The Four Desires is the inspiring, empowering and life-changing process, based on these ancient, time-tested teachings created for anyone seeking a better, more fulfilled life. The Four Desires will unleash your vision and power to thrive, show you how to tap into the power of your soul and guide you to become who you were meant to be, the place where worldly and spiritual prosperity meet. 

SPECIAL WEEKEND WITH INDU ARORA: (June 7-9)  The Secrets of Mudra, Marma and Savasana! This is your chance to study with a true Master Teacher of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.  

AYURVEDA, The Basics and Beyond for Vitality and Wellness:  (August 17-18) How to ‘live greatly’ as a practitioner and how to counsel your students in this wellness system. Includes 10 non-classroom hours.

ADVANCED TEACHING: (September 6-8, Oct 5-6)  Refine your ability to embody and present yoga as it was meant to be, inclusive of, but so much more than, asana.  Advanced sequencing, how to teach meditation, advanced pranayama and philosophy will all be addressed in depth.  You will also learn how to design workshops, manage the classroom and step into your greatness as a conduit of this spiritual science.

YOGA THERAPEUTICS (you must have taken all other modules to qualify for this course):  (Oct 26-27, Nov 9-10, Nov 23, December 6-8 (retreat weekend)  Yoga is the ultimate self-care and healing modality. Its origins go back millennia and have been enhanced, codified and improved upon to be extremely effective as a modern day wellness resource. This part of the program  examines the origins and modern day applications of yoga therapy. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology, the energetic body, types of therapy, Ayurveda, structural and experiential anatomy, the Panchamaya Kosha model, prana’s role in health, client observation, diagnosis and prescription, and much more. We will also explore Yoga’s role in one’s emotional and spiritual health. Pre-requisites are completion of a 200 hour program or the equivalent, and completion of all other modules in the Yoga Vidya Advanced Training. 

Topics in the comprehensive course include:
• Functional Anatomy
• Tantra and Ayurveda
• Yoga Psychology and Philosophy
• The Subtle Body
• Meditation Theory and Practice
• Prana and Experiential Anatomy
• Yoga for Special Conditions
• How to work with private clients
• Personal consultation with Lauren


Yoga Vidya also offers shorter immersions into special topics like pranayama, specific meditation practices, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, sequences for special conditions and the study of seminal texts.

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