Workshops & Classes

Weekly public classes at Heartspace Troy

Tuesdays at 5:45pm Tantra Vinyasa is a complete hatha practice weaving philosophy, asana, pranayama, and meditation. More advanced postures and pranayama, bandha and mudra may also be explored. For advanced beginners.

Wednesdays at 9am With Hatha Yoga you will develop flexibility, strength and balance with an emphasis on alignment and energetic balancing. Class offers a broad range of asana, breathing and restorative postures.

Master Classes

9:00 – 11:00 am

Heartspace Yoga, Albany, NY


June 9th – A Flow to Let Go – Breath-centric Tantric Hatha with Yin style holds to release mental and physical tension, and inspire.

Elemental Meditation

Wednesdays  May 16, 23, 30  12:30-3:30pm

Heartspace Yoga Troy

with Lauren Toolin, E-RYT, C-IAYT, Master ParaYoga Teacher

and Meghan Hogan, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, Yoga Vidya Faculty


  • The origins and history of meditation, where East meets West
  • Lineages and styles, what it is, and what it is not
  • The science of meditation – current and past research and why it is so critical today
  • Meditation as holistic wellness – how and why it can address self-image, anxiety, stress, negativity, pain management and healing


  • Development of a personal meditation practice
  • In-depth training on four specific meditation techniques appropriate for most anybody
  • Instruction on how to incorporate these techniques in modern yoga classes or group settings
  • Direction on inspiring and supporting others, expanding your skill as an effective wellness provider


25 Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed credits

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Rest Well: The Art & Science of True Rejuvenation

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Friday, June 1st 6-8:30pm
Saturday, June 2nd 9-5pm
Sunday, June 3rd 9-3:30pm
Heartspace Yoga

Whether we wish to admit it or not, overstimulation, anxiety, exhaustion and their attendant symptoms are a toxic pandemic in our society. Individuals have supplanted restful leisure time with an ever expanding to do list and the ‘off’ button seems further out of reach. This systemic depletion sabotages our health and desire to thrive. The drive to do and be more cannot be supported unless we understand and engage in activities that deeply relax and nourish our depleted minds and bodies.  

Enter Restorative Yoga: a compendium of practices that can provide just what we need to feed, cherish, revivify and rejuvenate, but done haphazardly or without a deep understanding, its effectiveness is diminished. Yoga Vidya offers a carefully researched, comprehensive program that examines not just the ‘how’, but the ‘why’ of this deeply rejuvenative branch of hatha yoga. If you are a teacher, therapist or health worker who wishes to serve in a more healing and profound way, or if you just want to learn more about how to serve yourself, this program is for you!

Includes Manual, Faculty Support and Certificate of Completion

What you will learn:

  • The Science of Relaxation and Restoration
  • Anatomy and Physiology, current theory and the subtle (yogic) body as it relates to restorative yoga
  • The Principles and Practices of Restorative Yoga
  • Alignment and Prop Usage for Restorative Asana
  • Detailed examination, breakdown, contraindications and modifications of key restorative asanas
  • Specific sequences for conditions including: Anxiety, Menstruation, PMS, Headache, Insomnia, Mood Improvement  
  • How to teach restorative yoga, including teaching challenges, adapting to suit the individual and when and how to add restoratives into a public class
  • Visualization and Meditation to enhance the experience
  • Intro to the Science and practice of Yoga Nidra

This workshop is eligible for 25 Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed credits

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Rudra Yaga with Shelly Craigo

Aligning with the Force of Change

Sunday June 10th 4-5:30pm
Heartspace Yoga Albany

An invitation & request from Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
with Shelly Craigo from the Himalayan Institute

Please join Shelly Craigo of the Himalayan Institute for a very special introduction to the practice of Rudra Yaga. Shelly is personal assistant to Pandit Rajamani Tigunait and a powerful teacher in her own right.

There is no substitute for love, understanding, compassion, and the energy that fills human minds and hearts with stability and clarity…

We can systematically awaken and concentrate an energy field saturated with these qualities by utilizing natural forces and community. This is the birth of a collective consciousness that is positive, vibrant, and focused. It is a purpose-driven consciousness that guides us as individuals, communities, and societies in:
navigating today’s fear-fueled world;
organizing and focusing our sometimes unruly inner makeup,
experiencing our multi-faceted connection with a higher reality, meaning and purpose
bringing a positive, balancing, and lasting change to our inner and outer environments.

This is the practice of Rudra Yaga. Rudra Yaga is a time-tested group practice that invokes and propitiates the life-force and its benevolent aspects, neutralizing and nullifying the negative energy that has gripped our individual and collective consciousness today. Once this negativity subsides, we can shift toward a consciousness of inner abundance and fulfillment.

This afternoon includes a special practice from the Rudra Yaga!

There is no cost for this event, but Love Offerings will be accepted.

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Yoga Vidya School Open House

Learn Everything About Our Trainings!

Friday June 15th 6-8pm
Heartspace Yoga Albany


Join us for this opportunity to meet Lauren Toolin and learn more about the Yoga Vidya School. There will be a hatha yoga class, with a question and answer session after.

This will be your chance to meet the faculty, some graduates, explore a sample of the techniques you’ll learn as a Yoga Vidya student and get a clearer understanding of the process of training. This is not just an asana practice. Lauren has made it her mission to craft a program, based on a lineage of yoga millennia long, that is powerful, practical, and applicable to your every day. If you’re seeking a guide with techniques to improve your life in every aspect (mental, emotional, physical) you’ve found it!

Not only does Lauren offer the baseline in yoga teacher trainings with her 200 hour program, she also offers continuing education so once you achieve your registration through the national governing body of yoga teachers, the Yoga Alliance, you’ll have the tools to keep it, with regular practice, teaching and education. When you’re ready, sign up for Yoga Vidya’s Advance Yoga Teacher Training program to become a 500 hour yoga teacher.

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7th Annual Women’s Liberation Festival 

Friday August 10 – Sunday August 12
Wiawaka Center for Women
Lake George, NY
It’s finally back!!
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