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Based upon the ancient and classical teachings of Yoga, yet made applicable to the modern day, the Old Common Yoga Teacher Training will enrich your knowledge of Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, practices and teaching methodologies. Cultivate your personal Yogic journey and your ability to guide others through your teaching. This program emphasizes YOUR growth and commitment as a practitioner, and then fosters your ability to be an extraordinary instructor.

The next 200-hour training begins September 2014. Please contact Lauren if you'd like to inquire about enrollment.

  • Studying,contextualizing and finding personal relevance of seminal yogic texts
  • the energetic and subtle body
  • Comparative and experiential anatomy
  • Practice and class sequencing
  • Developing an authentic voice
  • Teaching and classroom skills
  • Meditation, Pranayama, Kriya and Mantra
This is not a 'cookie cutter' program!  Your  individual progress will be monitored and fostered to suit your unique path!
Please, visit www.be-a-yogateacher.com and find us on Facebook for more information 

Yoga Vidya TT Payment Options

YOGA VIDYA Advanced Training    

For experienced practitioners and certified teachers, this multi-module life changer is an in depth and very personal journey into more intricate, esoteric and therapeutic philosophies and applications of this spiritual science. These programs can be taken individually.  Take all for a 300 hour certification.

www.be-a-yogateacher.com  for more information

Tantra Vidya -Do yourself a life changing favor, and demystify Tantra and expand your world! Discover how your yoga practice is related to the esoteric, exotic comprehensive world of Tantra, and take your practice to the next level.  Explore key concepts, philosophy and practices, including the pivotal role of prana shakti.  Activate and utilize your life force!  60 hours

Sept 20-21, Oct 4th, Oct 25-26  $600, $550 before August 15.

Sva Sadhana - Living a Yogic life.   An immersion into personal practice (60 hours). Next offered Spring of 2015


Yoga Therapeutics  - this two part training covers:

  • In Depth Functional Anatomy
  • Ayurveda
  • the Subtle Body: links to Wellness
  • Prana and Experiential Anatomy (Lauren's specialty!)
  • Yoga for Special Conditions (structural, energetic and psychological)
  • How to work with private clients
  • one on one private and ongoing consultation with Lauren

Next offered Winter of 2014-15


Advanced Teaching:   For experienced teachers and those in the 300 hour training, this module will expand and refine your teaching skills, helojng to make you an extraordinary conduit of the teachings of Yoga.

We will explore sequencing, advanced asana teaching and assisting, how to create and adapt class plans, developing workshops, presentation and teaching skills and much much more.  Boost your creativity, confidence and effectiveness with this immersion.






"Lauren truly embodies years of intensive and committed study...I have watched her closely for (several) years and know that she brings an integrity, clarity, and wisdom that only years of living what she teaches could allow. (Her students and teacher trainees) will immediately gain by studying how to teach from an exceptional teacher. She is definitely someone we all would want the next generation of teachers to be informed and influenced by..." -Yogarupa Rod Stryker

"I am fortunate to both work with Lauren and call her my teacher. Lauren's workshops, retreats and teacher trainings are innovative, engaging, thought-provoking and awakening. Her teaching style is personal, humorous, insightful, and infinitely knowledgeable about everything yoga: from asana to philosophy; from pranayama to anatomy; from meditation to energy. Lauren has the unique ability to guide both beginning students and advanced yoga teachers into the very depths of what it means to practice and live your yoga on a daily basis. How many teachers out there have this profound effect on students? I look forward to studying with Lauren and continuing to share her gifts with my students for many years to come" -Robyn Parets

"We are looking forward to continued study with you. We are really enjoying and benefiting from your certain je ne sais crois, which combines all your astounding knowledge with an inspiring fierceness, a warm playfulness and a soft heart." -Elizabeth and Andrew, Teacher Trainees



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