Tantra Shakti: Parayoga® Master Training

Demystify Tantra and expand your world! Discover how Hatha yoga is rooted in the esoteric and exotic comprehensive world of Tantra. Take your practice and your life to the next level!



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Product Description

This is the beginning of an important journey.

The philosophy and techniques of Tantra provide much of the foundation for what we experience as Hatha Yoga today. And yet, most modern ‘yoga’ merely scratches the surface of its rich teachings.

Tantra and Kundalini science emerged as a system of energetic and spiritual practices that are antidotes to the current Kali Yuga (a dark age of humankind). This in depth, life changing (yes, and I mean that!) program explores the science and alchemy of Tantra will transform your understanding of Yoga, ingnite your personal practice and teaching and empower you in all apsects of your life.

This is the first module of the Yoga Vidya 340 Hour Teacher Training, but may be taken as a stand alone course, and is eligible for Yoga Alliance CE credit as well as to fulfill the requirements of the ParaYoga Master Training curriculum.

March 15-17, 2019 & April 5-7, 2019

9am – 5pm

Heartspace Yoga, Albany NY

Two webinars