Mentorship Series

Graduates of any Yoga teacher training, it’s time to refine and enhance your knowledge, teaching skills, voice, presence and the ability to serve. Dive deep and rise up through a unique mentorship with Master Teachers.

Group meetings: October 19, November 16, December 14, January 4, February 1  6-9pm

Heartspace Troy



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Product Description

This is your opportunity to connect to your purpose, clarify uncertainties, gain confidence in your capacity and catalyze your progression from skilled instructor to adept teacher. This program will nurture you personally and professionally, securing a better foundation from which to serve your students and teach people, not just postures.

This 50 hour boutique series provides: one on one and group mentoring, the opportunity to both observe and assist your mentor in public class settings, monthly skill building workshop, constructive feedback on written and practicum assignments, virtual classroom courses on specific topics.

This series qualifies for continuing education through the Yoga Alliance.