Elemental Meditation

Join Lauren and Meghan for a one of a kind teacher training and immersion on the art and science of meditation for yoga teachers, educators and wellness professionals. (Active Heartspace and Lilananda Yoga Teachers receive a $50 tuition discount.  Contact us to register!)

$386 with PayPal

$375 by personal check – Email for address



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Product Description


  • The origins and history of meditation, where East meets West
  • Lineages and styles, what it is, and what it is not
  • The science of meditation – current and past research and why it is so critical today
  • Meditation as holistic wellness – how and why it can address self-image, anxiety, stress, negativity, pain management and healing


  • Development of a personal meditation practice
  • In-depth training on four specific meditation techniques appropriate for most anybody
  • Instruction on how to incorporate these techniques in modern yoga classes or group settings
  • Direction on inspiring and supporting others, expanding your skill as an effective wellness provider

Active Heartspace and Lilananda Yoga Teachers receive a $50 tuition discount.  Contact us to register!

25 Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed credits