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It’s finally here!

At long last, The Higher and Better Blueprint has arrived!  This life changing  online course is the best kind of ‘disruptive technology’, a distillation of Lauren’s own best practices and teaching . 

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I want to change my life today!

It's a perfect time to create some positive momentum in your life. The Higher and Better Blueprint is an effective, convenient option to support your transition: A series of lectures and practices which will guide you through the process of increasing introspection, health and wellbeing. As you make incremental changes in your thought, habits and behavior, your life can become more purposeful and fulfilling.
A life changing series that will assist in the transformation you've wanted to make!

Meditations Online with Pranamaya Media


Get Quiet and Calm

Lauren has recorded four meditations for Pranamaya Media.

They are available for reasonable prices for your use in your own home, on your own time.

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