Classes & Workshops

Weekly public classes at Heartspace Troy

Tuesdays at 5:45pm Tantra Vinyasa is a complete hatha practice weaving philosophy, asana, pranayama, and meditation. More advanced postures and pranayama, bandha and mudra may also be explored. For advanced beginners.

Wednesdays at 9am With Hatha Yoga you will develop flexibility, strength and balance with an emphasis on alignment and energetic balancing. Class offers a broad range of asana, breathing and restorative postures.

Master Classes

9:00 – 11:00 am

Heartspace Yoga, Albany, NY


November 4th – Inner Waves: An Exploration of Prana Vayu

November 18th – Core Dynamics: Twists, core strength and cleansing

December 9th – These Hips Don’t Lie: An Extraordinary Sequence for the Lower Body

Ayurveda and Women’s Health Series

Tuesdays October 17 – November 14th
10am – 12pm
Lotus Wellness
1813 5th Ave Troy, NY
This special series offers an in-depth view into how the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda can foster optimal health for women. We will lay a framework for deep nourishment at all levels: nutritional, hormonal, emotional and spiritual.  We will practice yoga, explore the ages and stages of womanhood from an Ayurvedic perspective and learn to incorporate daily routine and ritual that will keep us luscious, healthy and thriving!  

Includes a special session on ayurvedic skin care with expert Barbara Ritrovato for eliminating toxins and caring for yourself from the outside in, as well as inside out.

 $148 includes classes plus a Personalized Ayurvedic Kit

Teacher Mentorship Program

Group Meetings: October 19, November 16, December 14, January 4, February 1
6 – 9pm
Heartspace Troy
10 2nd St
If you are a yoga teacher who has graduated from a training program, here’s your chance to refine and enhance your knowledge. This Mentorship series will afford you the opportunity to work one on one with one of two accomplished, experienced yoga teachers. You’ll be able to observe and assist your mentor in public classes, honing your ability to see who needs an adjustment and where. There will be monthly skill building workshops, as well as virtual meetings to expand your knowledge of specific topics.
This series qualifies for continuing education through Yoga Alliance.
10% Discount for active Heartspace Teachers

Jivayate Build Your Vitality

Sunday November 26th
2 – 5pm
Heartspace Troy
10 2nd St

Do you yearn for a nurturing respite focused on stress management and self-care?

In Sanskrit, Jivayate means ‘to restore to life’. Yoga and Ayurveda offer practical techniques and strategies to help you beat burnout and reclaim your vitality.